Living and working in L.A. Have a degree in making TV that is currently being underutilized. I like lots of TV and books, especially scifi and fantasy with cool lady characters.

weasleyboys replied to your post: I am actually crying right now because I just remembered I have cottage cheese in the fridge

I like that people say *hugs if you want* I will just say *hugs whether you like them or not*. Also I understand. Jassie just did my homework AND made me dinner because I’ve been crying since this afternoon. I’m sorry things suck right now.

I think people say *hugs if you want* as a sign of respect, generally. It’s both “I acknowledge that you were just expressing yourself, and not being attention-seeking or hug-mongering, but if you want a hug here is one” and an acknowledgement that some people actually aren’t comfortable with hugs or don’t want them because they are touch-averse or for any other reason. It’s a good saying, usually, I think.

The funny part about you saying *hugs whether you like them or not* is that you are down the hall and we could physically hug, but instead we are virtual hugging. We are such dorks, lol. 

*hugs for you as much as me*

If there’s anything I can do around the house to help, let me know. 

Except not right now because I might be going to sleep. And also I’m still kind of verklempt about the existence of cottage cheese as a stress-free foodstuff. 

weasleyboys replied to your photoset: Sir Godric Gryffindor found a sword on the ground….

Did you pose that? Or was he just being himself? :)

He was totally just being himself. The sword was left out on the floor after one of our parties or something. Godric saw it and was like, “I Shall Lay Here And Claim This Sword As Mine”. And I was like “OMG ADORBS” and took a zillion pics because I am obsessed with my cat.

weasleyboys replied to your post: I JUST WANT TO TAKE A HOT SHOWER.

Should we call the LA County Tenants Rights phone number or something? What should we do?

I don’t know. I’m so sick of this. But I don’t want to move and I don’t want to make things heated between us and our landlord for the next 9+ months or however long we decide to live here. I like it here, aside from his lack of responsiveness. I don’t know what to do. 

He’s still not here, by the way. Thinking about getting dressed and going to see a movie. I can’t just wait around here all day, especially when he said he’d be here first thing in the morning and it’s now a quarter to one.

I’m becoming seriously frustrated with this.

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