Living and working in L.A. Have a degree in making TV that is currently being underutilized. I like lots of TV and books, especially scifi and fantasy with cool lady characters.

I actually am a little disappointed by that episode. 

Is it weird to say I feel like Tuxedo Mask was too overtly confident? Like a lot of the things Usagi said were internal monologue in the manga, and granted Usagi still boosted herself by being near him, but he didn’t give her an explicit pep talk. I also just feel like (and this is probably a product of time - TV needed to pad this out) that things just felt more urgent and stakes felt higher in the manga. 

Like it’s incredibly nitpicky, as events transpired almost exactly the same except they added Beryl arriving to monologue and Sailor Moon …flew? to the location of the battle and back again, but in the manga I just got more of a sense of uncertainty from Mamoru, but that’s probably more my interpretation than anything supported by the text.

Left work early today because of migraines, again.

Worried I’m going to be fired. 

Reading up on disability rights even though I know I’m too frightened/anxious/poor/etc to do anything about it if I am fired. 

So I just remembered the existence of FlickChart and I can’t decide which of these movies is more terrible.

So I just remembered the existence of FlickChart and I can’t decide which of these movies is more terrible.

The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart

I would just like to take this moment to recommend The Daily Show Podcast Without John Stewart if you are a podcast listening person.

I am very quickly starting to like this podcast more than I like The Daily Show. 

The fist episode has Jessica Williams, plus writers Sara Taksler and Jo Miller, and deals with the writing of the incredible sexual harassment sketch they did. The most recent episode has Michael Che and Trayvon Free and the brilliant piece that opened their return to TV after Ferguson. 

It’s just really neat to listen to how much research and thought goes into these very short and to-the-point sketches. 

There’s only three episodes so far, and obviously if you don’t like the Daily Show or don’t like podcasts this isn’t for you. But I like The Daily Show, I like knowing how TV is made, I like most of the other writers and correspondents on TDS more than Jon himself (sorry Jon), and I listen to podcasts at work and I have really liked this one. 

Sorted out the Cal Fresh money.

Now have a card with over $900 on it that can only be spent on groceries, the accumulation of all the benefits I did not know I was receiving over the past several months plus some left over from a couple years ago.

That is a lot of money that can only be spent on perishable goods, man.

How great would it be if we just got rid of gender indicators on official licenses and IDs altogether?



this movie is fucking art

What is this film?

Bend it like Beckham. I haven’t seen this movie in yeeeaaaaars

Remember that year when every tv show had to have an emotional sequence to How To Save A Life no matter how much it didn’t fit the context


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