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I think I’ve found my new favorite picture.


I think I’ve found my new favorite picture.






#that awkward moment when a 48 year old scifi show has more continuity #than a 2 year old series about misfit high schoolers 

*ahem- 50 year old…

But also that awkward moment when the Forest of Cheem’s sacrifice is relegated to unimportance in Moffat’s world. Her bravery and kindness don’t matter, and she’s turned into yet another cheap joke about women being infatuated with the Doctor.

That she fancied the Doctor did not feature at all in the season 1 episode. She was curious about his origins, she had sympathy for him, and she gave her life so he could save the rest of the people aboard the base. I personally don’t see her fawning over him (like so many of Moffat’s women do). Thus, with no real evidence to draw this from, Moffat seems to be interpreting her sacrifice as “fancying” the Doctor, which is immensely problematic: It suggests that she did this only for him rather than to save everyone on the ship, and it shows yet another example of Moffat thinking that any woman who interacts with the Doctor must be infatuated with him.

Even if she did fancy him, the fact that Moffat considers her actions negligible in comparison to her “crush” is pretty gross, especially when the payoff from this line is so small. All it does in the context of the episode is set up the Doctor as an object of desire. But in the context of the show, it undermines the agency and power of women to act with bravery and integrity without it being all for the Doctor.

lmao i remember complaining about this exact same thing on this exact same gifset back in 2011


her name was Jabe??? this is like saying ‘i met the human race once. they fancied me’

I think the tags should have been #that awkward moment when Moffat tries to reference his predecessor’s run and that’s what he comes up with

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Sorry for the ooc of this post. But 2nd! XD


"This is a nice way to spend a Sunday" —Paul McGann


"This is a nice way to spend a Sunday" —Paul McGann

People who don’t think the Doctor should be played by a woman or POC are getting mad that I won’t give them my ribbon saying they’d watch a doctor who’s a woman or POC because “I’d watch! I would just complain about it!”

White Womanhood, Racism, Ageism, and the Cult of Rose Tyler




As a fan of Doctor Who for many years, and as someone who’s aware of how white privilege and racism function both in the media and in fandom, it is not surprising to me to find that there’s a lot of overlap between the implicit message…

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the complete creative control part is what i really care about i mean who wouldn’t want a dalek

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How about “Get Moffat Out of the TARDIS”

Hahaha, I genuinely thought about doing something like this, but it’s a convention where people who like Doctor Who go to have fun and I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade by making them feel uncomfortable to like something, since being comfortable liking things is the whole point. But it would be nice to meet more people with my opinions on his Who. And commiserate together on how terribly he’s handling everything. 

What if I brought a ribbon like this? Too subtle, too negative for a convention that’s supposed to celebrate the show, or just the right level of snark?


Thinking about ordering badge ribbons for Gallifrey One that say something like 

"I’d watch a woman Doctor" or "Not Another White Man for Doctor 13" or something like that and you can only wear them if you agree. But 

1) I worry I’d spend the con arguing with people I don’t like instead of meeting cool people I would (the second being the intention)

2) I can’t come up with a wording I like enough

3) I worry people will take this to mean I hate Capaldi, when actually I’ve loved him as an actor for years and have no doubt he could play the part well (even if I do have doubts about what Moffat will write for him)


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