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#british men trapped in corridors


This isn’t funny.

I am British, and this is a serious problem.

Many a time I have walked down a corridor, only to find a poor man standing there, staring, just staring, in oddly patterened shirts and jeans.

Our government is doing it’s best, but sometimes it seems nothing can be done.

I’ve heard of cases where  they’ve actually had to knock down the walls to get them out, and that’s very risky, as you can see as they are attracted to the walls and lean on them…

Millie keep an eye on Mike he could be next

So many of my friends have died from bad shirts and small confined spaces. :/ When will the Conservatives do something about this problem.


I mean you can try putting up signs but sometimes it’s not even known how they’re getting in there or why the british male attempts to make its home in brick corridors. They are delicate,  mysterious creatures, and I hope the EPA steps in soon.

This is just so sad. Reblogging because I have a heart.

We can’t just close our eyes to the plight of British men trapped in corridors in peculiar shirts. Don’t just scroll past this, reblog. It won’t make your blog look ugly.

This doesn’t fit in my blog but I’m reblogging anyway because this is a serious issue and these men are all beautiful.

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    We should make a charity for these poor blokes
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