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Hey guys,

 About a week ago we (my sister and I) posted here about a cat we have in rescue who’s eye needed to be removed.  We didn’t have the funds to do it but with a extremely generous people’s help, we were able to collect enough money so she could have the surgery she deserved.  She goes in this Thursday 10/6 and will hopefully find a home just a few weeks from now.

 While I get inundated with emails everyday from the rescue community begging for funds for this animal or that, yesterday I received a plea that left me unable to sleep last night.

There is a man in Gardena, CA who is being evicted from his small home.  He has 50 cats inside.  This isn’t your typical “hoarder” TV show, where animal control walks in and flocks of feral, wild cats fly crazily everywhere, climbing the walls.  No, these are all TAME, loving, 100% adoptable cats.  Most of them are wearing collars. Unfortunately, most of them are black.  The reason this is unfortunate is because black dogs and cats have the worst time getting adopted at the shelters. In fact, they usually don’t, they are usually put to sleep very shortly after impound.  However, these cats aren’t in the shelter system yet, so there is still time to save them.  There is an animal control officer who contacted my friend involved in rescue, Cyndi, and alerted her about these cats and the man’s living situation, and is giving her a week to get as many cats out of there as possible before she has to do her job and file the report and collect the cats.  When the cats are collected, they will be taken to a kill-shelter in LA.  

This is where it gets worse.  Much worse. For every one of the 50 cats that are brought in, the shelter will need to make room by euthanizing 50 cats that are already there.  This is the sad truth.  And, because this would leave the shelter cages stocked with basically ALL black cats, it doesn’t give potential adopters a whole lot of selection when going to look for a new pet at the shelter.  A lot of these cats won’t even be seen by the public before they are euthanized. 

Again, 50 cats get killed to make space, 50 new black cats come in, and lastly, the shelter is still dealing with the influx of dozens of new cats that are brought in regularly every day resulting in many of these same black cats getting put to sleep anyway.

The only thing that can be done at this point is to raise enough money to remove as many of these 50 cats as possible before animal control comes, therefore sending the smallest number of cats to the shelter when animal control actually makes the call.  The cats need to be spayed/neutered, vetted/shots, and then put into fosters or boarding until homes are found for them.  There aren’t a whole lot of foster homes available.  Which means many will need to be boarded which can be very costly.  

The short-term goal to save some of these cats is $3,000.  That’s only $60 a cat.  If we can reach this goal we can save some lives.  Obviously vetting and boarding will require much more than this.  A better estimate is probably about $125 per cat short-term with rescue rates from the vet, which comes out to $6,250.  If we can reach this goal, we might be able to save all of them.  We won’t have to handpick who gets to live and who doesn’t. 

We are very lucky that the cats look healthy.  We don’t see any runny eyes or noses.  They might be a bit skinny, but they don’t look like they are suffering from any major diseases.  They are friendly and deserve homes.  And the friendly, adoptable cats that are sitting in cold steel cages at the shelter RIGHT NOW, at this minute, don’t deserve to be put to sleep simply because the shelter needs to make room for these additional 50.

Please watch the following videos.  Notice that the cats are NOT running scared from the camera man.  These cats are not wild, feral cats.  They are good, friendly cats.  Also notice at the end of the 1st video, how hungry these cats are, pushing each other for space and a place to eat. com/watch? v=DURVpeykM3c& feature=email 

We literally have just DAYS before animal control comes and takes these cats.  We can probably get them to keep it under the radar until this Friday 10/7.  If you can donate ANY amount of money, even $5 or $10, we can save as many cats as possible.  This is not just one cat we are saving here.  The more donations, the more cats that will avoid being collected by the pound.  And the more cats that are currently at the pound won’t have to be put to sleep.  Saving these 50 doesn’t just save 50.  It could potentially save HUNDREDS of cats in the domino effect.  Some of the cats are just babies.  We need money and foster homes.  If you can’t donate, but could possibly provide a temporary foster home, or a FOREVER home, we can use that too! 

Please help network these cats far and wide, even a reblog to get the word out helps.We cannot say thank you enough.
** Donations can be made with Paypal through the Chip In link:  http://carsoncats. gardena-man- with-50-cats*

please do not donate for these cats via the OP’s donate button on her blog sidebar, since it would be faster to go directly through the provided links!

**To donate through Stray Cat Alliance for a tax deduction, you can donate by
mailing a check or going online. Stray Cat Alliance will then mail you a
receipt for your donation.  YOU MUST WRITE “CARSON CATS” IN THE MEMO OF YOUR CHECK OR THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE ONLINE DONATION.  If you do not write Carson cats, the donation will still go to help other cats in need, but will most likely NOT go towards these 50 cats.
To donate by check:
1) Make donation to Stray Cat Alliance
2) In the part of the check, write “CARSON CATS”
3) Mail check to The Stray Cat Alliance, P.O. Box 661277, Los Angeles, CA
To donate online:
1) Go to
https://app. etapestry. com/hosted/ StrayCatAlliance /OnlineGiving. html or go to
http://www.carsonca and click the donate button.
2) After entering your credit card information, be sure to write “CARSON
CATS” in the special instructions/ comments before submitting

**If you can help in ANY other ways, please contact
Cyndi: cdzacko@gmail. com 310-721-5802

even just a reblog helps, too! Thank you guys <3 

signal boost.  I have 2 black cats and they are the friendliest, talkative cuties I have ever run into

This needs way more notes and attention. Get it going guys. Pass it on! Send to local non-kill shelters or radio stations to get the word out. Whatever you can do.

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