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This is the marketing of the Sailor Moon that I grew up with. Aside from the occasional “This one goes out to the ladies”, there’s very little to indicate here that they were marketing it as a “girls’ show” or that they felt they needed to make it extra pink and cute and young, naive, childish, fluffy, or clean in order to appeal to girls.

They advertised violence and battles and people fighting. And fully expected young girls to watch.

And girls flocked to it. Along with a whole lot of boys, too.

Now, I’m super duper glad that Sailor Moon is coming back to the states. I love that we’re getting new merchandise, and that there’s rereleased manga (that I rushed out to buy the day it was released) and all that.

I’m really glad.

But if there’s anything this current franchise reboot is telling me, it’s that the people in charge don’t get it. They don’t understand what made Sailor Moon so popular in the first place. 

The old American logo was blue and white and yellow and had a bold blocky font. The new logo is pastel yellow and pink and has a curly almost-cursive font.

The new playing cards are pink, the old were white. The new wallscrolls either feature all the girls looking ahead and smiling, or are covered in pink and lace graphics.

I love pink, I love lace. I don’t think pink and lace should undo the badassness of things, and if you think that stereotypical femininity and hardcore asskicking cannot exist together than… well… you’re wrong. 

But look at the Sailor Moon that was advertised to us as kids. It wasn’t advertised to us as being some hyper-feminine just-for-girls cute! and precious! cuddly story. 

It was advertised as what it is, which it should aspire to be, a story of soldiers and heroism and butt-kicking bravery that happens to feature girls as its protagonists. 

Something about this reboot merch is just too focused on the “ITS FER GIRLZ” aspect of the story to me. Especially seeing (as many men have pointed out) that none of the new t-shirts come in men’s sizes, and the shirt of Tuxedo Mask makes it seem like he’s the one who does all the saving. And the merchandise is more pink than any of the stickers or posters or RPG game cards I collected when I was youngtser.

The old Sailor Moon was marketed as something that everyone could like, and was marketed to girls in such a way that said “Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you have to like pink and never get dirty (though if you want to, that’s okay too).”


And it just kind of makes me sad.

I may be completely wrong here, though. 

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