Living and working in L.A. Have a degree in making TV that is currently being underutilized. I like lots of TV and books, especially scifi and fantasy with cool lady characters.

albus severus potter: dad you were totally a jock
harry potter: i was not
albus severus potter: dad you were totally a jock with a trust fund, because only a jock with a trust fund would give me a name like this
harry potter: i was not a jock with a trust fund. ginny, set albus straight
ginny potter: honey, you were and are a jock with a trust fund

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How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?




Ever notice how when justifying a child’s misbehavior no one ever says stuff like “girls will be girls” or “she’s a girl”, but the list of things a “young lady” can’t do is almost endless?

You learn from a young age that masculinity comes with freedom; femininity comes with restrictions.



y’all try to find the tiniest reason to not support sj/feminism like “oh wow a troll blog once said eating chinese food is cultural appropriation haha sorry i guess i don’t support trans rights at all anymore”

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I’m hurting myself all over again by thinking of how responsible Luna and Giles feel for Usagi and Buffy.

It hurts seeing the pain in their eyes, I feel for them so much :’(



Little Princess by Merikku


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"Cancer/mental illness/disability affects rich and poor alike."

Uh, no, it doesn’t. Rich people can afford the treatments and accommodations for those things. Poor people cannot. Get the fuck outta here with that classist shit.

Not to mention a higher proportion of disabled people are in poverty and people in manual jobs are more likely to become disabled, there is a class element to disability that cannot be ignored.


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{Strolling Series by Cecile Emeke}

Sexism,Patriarchy,Racism and Colonialsm.Full Discourse

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Watch it in video


No this is not funny.

Whether or not it is a joke, I’ve gone onto the channel and there are multiple videos similar to this, which makes me think they’re fake.

Doesn’t matter. 

These videos enforce the idea to parents that yes, the answer to stop your child becoming obsessed with games is to DESTROY them.

No. This is not funny. It is things like this that cause events such as the father who SHOT his daughter’s laptop to bits to occur. These jokes enforce the attitude that people are ‘wrong’ for loving games.

For wanting to play games. 

For some people (including myself), games are a serious escape from horrid realities. The only escape some people can get. The idea that this man (boy?) is wrong for being so upset is disgusting to me?

This is horrific. This is abuse. This is wrong.

This is a sure fire way to get your kids to hate you.

do people not understand how much video games cost?

That pile would be thousands of dollars of property, if they weren’t definitely blank discs. One time I got in trouble and lost a large portion of my games, you know what we did? We sold them and put the cash in my savings for later in life like sane people

I know this video is a joke but crap like this is bullying and threatening to kids. It’s unnecessarily cruel and violent and 100% about power plays, not discipline or education. Even in joke form, don’t promote parenting like this.

It’s not funny. It’s abusive.

ngl i thought the set-up was funny because there was no way someone would be dumb enough to actually destroy this much valuable stuff. and then he did, which means either a) he was ignorant of the resale value of the games or b) the family has enough money not to need the cash from selling the games, in which case you failed as a parent to instill a sense of the value of working for money. tbh you failed as a parent either way because you just taught your kid that stealing and destroying their stuff is the way to deal with conflict rather than setting expectations and working together to meet goals.

With this particular video, which is really clearly staged, I think seeing the video as a funny criticism of people with too much money is sort of okay, but there are videos like this that aren’t staged and I just really, really, really don’t think we should be advocating this kind of parenting. I don’t know, I think this just might remind me a bit too much of some of the stuff that happened to me as a(n admittedly spoiled and well-to-do) kid that fucked me up in a Never Tell Your Parents You’re Having Problems They’ll Deem You Unfit And Take Away Or Destroy Your Things/Money way. 

And like my parents were never not usually the actual destruction of property type but in any case it was a really bad way of communicating any grievances with me because all I really learned was to be afraid because at any moment without knowing I’d been doing something wrong or what was expected of me something I needed or enjoyed could be taken away. It probably didn’t help that these weren’t clearly discussed beforehand lined out consequences, they were pretty much whatever my parents thought of when they were pissed off, which sometimes (like in this video) might not even be when I was at home so instead you come home to find it. Like when I came home and mom had decided she didn’t like how I was keeping my room and had torn all my posters off the wall and they were destroyed in the process, including posters that had been sentimental gifts from friends. 

Seeing stuff like this is just never funny to me because I’ve been that kid, and I can tell you I didn’t learn the things my parents meant for me to get from it, I just learned not to trust them. And the expectation of those kinds of consequences is the kind of thing that gives me anxiety in jobs and raging misanthropy and like 

there are better ways to teach kids to work and be respectful. Probably. Maybe. God I hope so? 

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